Is There an International Waffle Day and When is it Celebrated?

Ah waffles, the only food better than pancakes, right? If only there was an entire day dedicated to these delicious baked goods. But wait – there is! No seriously, International Waffle Day is a thing! Yes, that’s right – there really is a whole 24 hours set aside to celebrate all things waffle. Whether you have yours with fruit and syrup for breakfast or smothered in ice cream and toffee sauce for dessert, waffles are a deliciously versatile food that no-one can resist!

But, where did Waffle Day come from? And when is it celebrated? Read on to find out!


Where did International Waffle Day come from?

Did you know that Waffle Day actually began in Sweden? Back in the 1600’s waffles became popular in Sweden and nearby areas. They were seen as a treat, eaten with fruits and jams and other tasty things. They became so well loved, that they decided to dedicate an entire day to them! This event became known as ‘Waffle Day’ or ‘VĂ„ffeldagen’.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), this sounds very similar to the Swedish religious holiday, ‘VĂ„rfrudagen’, or ‘Our Lady Day’. After some time the two became synonymous, and soon everyone was celebrating Our Lady Day by eating waffles. The tradition spread, and soon Waffle Day became International Waffle Day, with everyone celebrating the tasty, baked treats!


When is International Waffle Day celebrated?

Nowadays, waffle lovers across the world all celebrate Waffle Day on the 25th March. This is the day to treat yourselves to waffles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Delicious, and versatile, waffles can be enjoyed in a huge range of ways. You can even have them as a savoury meal!


How can I celebrate International Waffle Day?

You can celebrate by eating waffles of course! There are plenty of ways to enjoy waffles, but the easiest way is to get a waffle mix kit. That way, you can focus on all the toppings you want to put on your waffles instead!

There are plenty of Waffle Mix kits out there for you to try! American brands such as Betty Crocker and Hungry Jack have multiple varieties of mixes! Not to mention all the delicious sauces and syrups you can get to go with them! Our favourite is definitely Hershey’s.

Read below to see our favourites!

1. Aunt Jemima Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix

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2. Hungry Jack Original Pancake & Waffle Mix

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Hershey’s Chocolate & Strawberry Syrup

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So, now you know when International Waffle Day is, you can get celebrating! Enjoy!

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