America has created their own unique takes on some truly classic dishes. Take mac ‘n cheese for instance! That’s why we’ve created an entire category selling some amazing all-American pasta and noodles just for you! That means you can recreate a true US lunch or dinner. Perfect if you’re missing a taste of home, or if you just want to experience life in the States!

American Pasta & Noodles

Speaking of mac ‘n cheese, our Kraft Macaroni Cheese is a 100% authentic recipe, and not to be missed! Pick up a box today and experience the iconic cheesy flavours for yourself!

Do you fancy trying a true taste of America? Then look no further! Browse through our selection of pasta and noodles, and pick out your favourites today!

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Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 206g (7.25oz)


Nissin Cup Noodles Beef 64g (2.25oz)


Nissin Cup Noodles Shrimp 64g (2.25oz)


Nissin Cup Noodles Chicken 64g (2.25oz)


Banza Mac & Cheese Chickpeas Pasta Cheddar 312g (11oz)

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