From classic bars, to chocolate coated goodies, there’s no denying America have some of the best chocolate bars and treats out there!

Our team are experts in all thing’s chocolate. So, we make sure to test every single product that comes through our doors – sometimes even more than once! That means you can be confident that we only sell the very best of the best!

All you have to worry about is choosing which goodies you want to try from our delicious selection! If you want real American authenticity, then why not try one of the many flavours of Hershey’s that we stock? From the fabulous Watchamacallit bar to our whoppers Malted Balls Theatre Box, we have something for everyone, AND every occasion.

Or, maybe you’re a peanut butter and chocolate fan? If so, have a browse through our selection of delicious treats from Butterfinger or Reese’s. You’ll be sure to find a crunchy nutty treat that is exactly what you’re looking for!

Whatever indulgent delight tickles your fancy, you know you’ll be able to find all the tastiest American chocolate bars and treats here at American Food Mart! And, if we don’t have what you’re looking for? Just get in touch with us and we will do our best to get it in stock as soon as we can, for the same unbeatable prices that we have across the site!

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