When is Easter and Why is it Celebrated?

If we were to ask 100 people what their favourite Holiday was, how many do you think would say Easter? We reckon the answer would be A LOT. After all, what’s not to love? An entire holiday dedicated to Spring, daffodils, baby animals, and, of course, chocolate! No wonder it’s a National favourite!

But, do you know why it is celebrated? Or when it is? Or why we all celebrate by eating chocolate? Never fear! We shall reveal all right now. So, if you can’t wait to indulge on a chocolate egg or two then read on to find out all about your favourite springtime Holiday!

When is Easter?

This year, the holiday falls on the 4th April which is earlier than normal! This is because, unlike other National Holidays, the date we celebrate Easter changes every year. Although this seems peculiar, there is a very good reason why we do this, and it is all down to the moon!

Yes, that’s right. Although it is originally a Christian Holiday, the date of it is actually determined by the Jewish Calendar. Unlike our typical solar year, the Jewish year is not the same length as it is based on the lunar cycle instead. So, although Jewish Holidays fall on the same day every Jewish year, this means that they fall on different days of the solar year!


The Solar year is just over 365 days, whereas the Lunar year is approximately 354 days.

Why is Easter celebrated?

So, now we know that Easter is a Christian Holiday determined by the Jewish Calendar. But, why do we celebrate it?

Well, it depends who you’re asking. Although the holiday began as a religious event meant to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, it has since become a popular holiday enjoyed by all, regardless of spirituality. Now, it takes into account multiple spiritual and non-spiritual beliefs. Not only can it be a celebration of Jesus, but it is also a symbol of spring, life, and rebirth. For example, pre-Christian Pagans used to celebrate this fresh start by painting eggs, because they believed they represented fertility and birth!

Nowadays, Easter has become a bit of a mash up of all these beliefs. Some of us celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and some of us celebrate the rebirth of spring. But, although we celebrate this holiday for different reasons there is one thing we all connect on…


Why do we celebrate Easter with Chocolate?

It all started with the eggs. Or, did it start with the chicken..? Regardless of what came first, this symbol of birth and renewal has dated back millennia. In Christianity, eggs were adopted as a symbol of Jesus, with the shell being the tomb he was put in. Traditionally, eggs weren’t allowed to be eaten during Lent, the six-week period prior to Easter. So, people would collect them and decorate their shells ready to be eaten at Easter, once Lent was over. The introduction of Chocolate eggs was merely introduced as a child-friendly version!

So, there you have it. Now you know all you need to know about this fabulous Holiday! And whether you are commemorating the life of Jesus, or you just want to congratulate Spring for rearing its sleepy head, we can all celebrate Easter.

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