When it comes to cookies and biscuits, America know what they’re doing! They’ve got that perfect crunchy to gooey ratio down, so we decided to bring all their amazing baked goodies to you here in the UK!

Whether you’re a chocolate chip lover or an Oreo fiend, we have a fab selection of treats ready to satisfy your cravings. In the mood for going a bit nutty? Our Nutter Butter Bites are delicious little peanut butter sandwich cookies that are perfect for nibbling on whilst curling up to a film or sharing with loved ones! (Or of course eating all by yourself – we don’t judge!).

Maybe you’re interested in trying some tasty flavours of Oreo that you can’t find in the UK? Look no further! Birthday Cake, Mega Stuff, and Red Velvet are just some of the amazing flavours you can find on American Food Mart!

If you just want to try a truly authentic American Cookie, then why not grab a pack of Post Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies? We have big ones AND small ones, perfect for enjoying at home, work, or on the go!

Whatever you fancy, we’re sure to have it! So, take a look below and pop a pack of your favourite cookies and biscuits in your basket today!

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