Lollipops – or suckers as they’re known in the States – are hard candies on a stick. What could be better?!

We have flavours from all across the spectrum in our selection of carefully hand-picked lollipops. Grape, cream soda, blue raspberry, root beer, and so much more! Fancy something sweet and fruity? Try our large selection of Jolly Rancher pops! Sweet enough to brighten even the sourest day! Or maybe you want to try something a bit more old-school? The tasty and authentic Spangler Dum Dums will be right up your street! They even have a mystery flavour if you’re feeling adventurous!

And they’re not just for kids either! Children and adults alike can savour these seriously tasty treats.

So, if you’re a sucker for suckers and lollipops alike, have a browse through our selection! We’re sure to have something you’ll like.

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