American Cotton Candy

Aah, American cotton candy! It really is the stuff of magic! And, what is more, this delicious, sugary treat is now available for you to buy in bag form! Long are the days of having to visit carnivals for a taste of what dreams must be made of. Now, you can order some right to your very door!

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American Cotton Candy from American Food Mart

If you’re in the mood for a fat-free sweet treat, you’ve come to the right place! Made by heating and spinning flavoured sugar into wispy strands that melt in the mouth, cotton candy from US is truly incredible. What is more, by combining this with the amazing flavours of America you’ve got a delicious candy loved by all!

P.S. We love candy trivia here at American Food Mart, so we thought we’d share this little factoid with all our customers! Did you know, the name for cotton candy in Australia is ‘fairy floss’? Now that IS magical!

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