Tea doesn’t always have to be hot! Why not drink it the American way and try something new from our range of great tasting iced tea?!

We have plenty of great US brands and flavours to choose from. In the mood for something truly refreshing? Our selection of delicious Lipton flavours will be sure to satisfy! From classic lemon to fruity raspberry, there’s something for everyone!

Or maybe you’re looking for something a little fancier? Arizona is made with premium brewed tea, and we stock a huge variety of their seriously tasty flavours! Not to mention a great selection of types of tea from green to black, and even Southern style sweet tea. What’s your favourite?

How about giving Snapple a go? Fruity AND delicious?! What more could you want!

So, take a look below and decide which one you want to try first – or, alternatively, why not just try one of each?! Whatever you decide, we know that our American iced tea will be a great treat that will leave you satisfied for days!

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