What to do on Friendship Day?

Friends are a really important part of life. They are there to celebrate our successes and are also there to console us in our times of need. This is why having a day to commemorate those who are closest to us is amazing.

How did International Friendship Day become a thing?

A civil organization dedicated to fostering a culture of peace through friendship first proposed the date of 30 July 1958 as the first World Friendship Day. Friendship became increasingly popular worldwide thanks to social media, leading to many community-based activities in local communities aimed at bringing together people from diverse backgrounds. As of 2011, the UN General Assembly declared the 30th of July the International Day of Friendship.

What can I do on International Friendship Day?


This is a day, much like valentine’s day, to commemorate your relationship with your friends. Exchanging gifts on Friendship Day is a nice way to make them feel special. Make sure you use this to highlight how well you know them. If they are a sneakerhead, you may consider getting a drop-front shoe box or a couple of fancy shoelaces. If they are a foodie, here are 10 amazing gift ideas that they will love.

give a gift to your Friends

A photo album

Take fun photos of yourselves and put them in an album or a collage as a relic of our friendship. Your friends are bound to love a gift like that as a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

What to do on Friendship Day?

Throw a party

Whether is a small dinner party, or a wild gathering with all your friends and acquaintances, being around those you love is always perfect. Music, food, and vibes. Three things that everyone loves. So turn your house into your desired setting and rock on with your friends.

What to do on Friendship Day?

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