How Betty Crocker Became America’s Cake Mix

Betty Crocker is now synonymous with home baking. From their incredible range of cake mixes to their flavourful frosting, and even their versatile Bisquick line, they have captured the American hearts through their convenience. Thanks to their amazing products, Betty Crocker has undisputedly become America’s cake mix. But did you know that their product used to be even more straightforward?  

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Betty Crocker’s Instant Cake

Under its famous Betty Crocker brand, General Mills launched a line of cake mixes in the 1950s. The cake mixes contained all the dry ingredients plus powdered milk and eggs. The recipe was virtually error-free, and it saved busy homemakers time and effort. All you had to do was mix everything and bake it. GM thought it hit a home run, as the product saved so much time for busy homemakers.

It’s too easy

Unfortunately, the product did not hit it off the way they thought it would. General Mills decided to hire a group of psychologists to understand what was going on. They found out that consumers were refusing to buy the product due to the little effort and time spent. American housewives felt uncomfortable when using the product because, despite its advantages, they believed they were deceiving their husbands and guests. The mixes were in fact so good, that many thought it took a great deal of elbow grease. And many women thought they were getting more credit than they deserved.

Let’s make it harder

Instead of running commercials showing the advantages of the product, General Mills decided to make the product less convenient. They relaunched the cake mixes, but now the cook would have to add an egg. This created a perception of ownership. The extra effort helped women feel less guilty about their cakes, even though they were still saving time. In the end, the process of substituting a powdered egg with a real egg was much more significant and rewarding.

betty crocker nifty psychological trick-min

After 100 years of iconic products, it is evident that the cake mix brand is still thriving. But it may not have been here if the powdered egg hadn’t been substituted with a real egg.

Have you ever made a cake with Betty Crocker’s cake mixes? We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about the story of how Betty Crocker became America’s cake mix. Remember you can get 10% on any Betty Crocker Product from August 5th to 14th. Check out our American baking products and groceries. We have a YouTube Channel where we share recipes and interesting videos. Make sure to check out our other blog posts. If you, like the homemakers, are not a fan of eggs you can find out How to Bake a Cake Without Eggs.

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