New Monster Energy flavours at American Food Mart

Get ready to Unleash the Beast! The New Monster flavours have arrived at American Food Mart! We are excited to add New Monster Energy Drinks to our repertoire of American Drinks. And why wouldn’t we? Monster Energy is the earth’s meanest energy drink. It combines energy with caffeine for a smooth taste that will boost you up for the day. Why drink a boring cup of coffee when you can have a refreshing energiser like Monster Assault?

And we are sure you’ll love them because it is the preferred drink for thrill-seekers, metalheads and musicians, bikers and hipsters, geeks, athletes, and moonshine drinkers. So, what are you waiting for? Tear into a can and Unleash the Beast!

New Monster Energy Flavours!

New Monster Papillon Drink 473ml (16 fl. oz)

Juice Monster Papillion uses real fruit juice. It is Monster’s energy blend, with flavours of peach and nectarine.

New Monster Khaotic Drink 473ml (16 fl. oz)

The Khaotic flavour mixes the mighty energy blend with a citrusy orange flavour. Because there is nothing more fun than causing chaos!

New Monster Ultra Fiesta 473ml (16 fl. oz)

Sleep later, because tonight we’re going to fiesta like there’s no mañana! This drink combines juicy mango flavour into the Ultra we love. And it is finished off with a full load of the Energy blend. 

New Monster Zero Ultra 473ml (16 fl. oz)

A little less sweet, lighter-tasting, zero calories, but with a full load of our Monster energy blend. So get a taste of this delicious refreshment.

New Monster Pacific Punch 473ml (16 fl. oz)

Because there are no limits to your vision, Monster has brought a drink with flavours as deep and wide as the great Pacific.

New Monster Ultra Sunrise 473ml (16 fl. oz)

By far the best way to get your day started. Better than coffee, the New Monster Ultra Sunrise will give you what it takes to be ready for the day. Take heart, and take Monster. Unleash the beast!

New Monster Assault 473ml (16 fl. oz)

Monster Assault is a flavour revolution, unlike anything you’ve had before. The best of the best!

New Monster Pipeline Punch 473ml (16 fl. oz)

So flavourful, right? This must be due to the blend of orange, passionfruit, and guava. The right punch to go about your day… or night!

Make sure you check out our Monster Energy Drinks, as well as our American Drinks today at American Food Mart. And, why not, follow us on Instagram.

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