Introducing the New Badia Andrew Zimmern Range

Leading spice company, Badia, and renowned chef, Andrew Zimmern, have come together to create a range of spice blends that will transform any dish. Each blend has been designed to capture the essence of an individual cuisine, ranging from Moroccan to Madras and everything in between!

We are proud to bring this fantastic collection of spices to the UK! They are already proving to be a popular range, so make sure to keep an eye out for them and get them on your next order!

Andrew Zimmern spices

Flavours from Around the Globe

Andrew Zimmern Badia new range of spices French Kiss

1. French Kiss

A delicious herby blend made up of rustic ingredients such as shallots and citrus. This simple yet elegant blend will add depth to any French dish! It is perfect for sprinkling over roast vegetables or stirred into an omelette.

Andrew Zimmern Badia new range of spices Mexican Fiesta

2. Mexican Fiesta

This fiery blend brings together all the best flavours of Mexico! It makes a zesty base for any chilli, or alternatively you can use it in a marinade. It features ingredients like dried chipotle, ancho chilli peppers, and cumin to add another layer to your Mexican dishes.


Andrew Zimmern Badia new range of spices Tuscan Sun

3. Tuscan Sun

Who doesn’t love the delicious flavours of Italy? This romantic spice blend is full of classic ingredients such as basil, oregano, garlic, shallots, and chilli peppers. Full of flavour, use it to improve pasta sauces or as part of a marinade.


Andrew Zimmern Badia new range of spices Mediterranean Magic

4. Mediterranean Magic

A perfect summer touch, this spice blend includes light and flavourful ingredients such as orange, chilli, and mint. As an all-purpose blend it is the perfect addition to any dish. However, try it in salad dressings or over roast vegetables to really enhance your meal.


Andrew Zimmern Badia new range of spices Madras curry

5. Madras Curry

This is a delicious, spicy blend that takes you straight to your favourite Indian restaurant! Using a combination of classic curry ingredients this blend also has the perfect amount of heat to add a kick to any dish. Use in typical curry dishes, or, alternative, mix into a marinade or dip!


Andrew Zimmern Badia new range of spices Moroccan Moon

6. Moroccan Moon

For a truly exotic and earthy taste, this is the blend you want. Colourful ingredients provide colourful flavours, and these will elevate your dishes to the next level! Sprinkle over vegetables or use in a marinade for lamb burgers or roast chicken.


You can learn more about the Badia X Andrew Zimmern range here. Alternatively, why not check out this article featuring ’10 easy ways to use Andrew Zimmern’s new spice blends’?

If you want to try this brand new range of American spices then check them out here!

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