America is known for its sweet treats, and their snack cakes are some of the best in the world! Light and fluffy sponge usually paired with a delicious flavoured creme or mouth-watering icing. What more could you want?

We have a fab selection of different treats and cakes for you to try here at American Food Mart. Do you want to try the world-famous Twinkies by Hostess? No worries, we’ve got a huge variety of flavours for you to taste! Each cake is packed with flavour and tasty creme – you definitely won’t be disappointed!

They’re not the only cakes that we sell by Hostess though. We’ve got it all! From their flavourful Cupcakes to their deliciously moist Zingers, and everything in between! Therefore, we will have something for everyone!

So, whether you like your snack cakes as a cheeky afternoon treat, or to enjoy with a cuppa, we’re sure to have something for you. Take a browse below and pop a couple in your basket for a rainy day. Go on, you know you want to!

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