How to Celebrate World Chocolate Day in Style!


Anyone else excited for World Chocolate Day?! Or maybe you just have a sweet tooth for chocolate? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at American Food Mart we believe it’s okay to treat yourself, especially when you’re celebrating all things chocolate!

Chocolate is the one treat that everyone loves the most. That’s because it’s tasty, indulgent, and can be enjoyed no matter the occasion! From nibbling on the sofa to sharing whilst celebrating someone’s birthday, you can’t go wrong with chocolate! Read on to see how you can celebrate World Chocolate Day.

What better way to celebrate chocolate than by finding out how it’s made? A little bit of research and you will have plenty of fun facts to share with friends on World Chocolate Day!

A good place to start would definitely be the Cadbury Factory! (Once it’s safe to after Lockdown of course). The factory is a fun-filled place to learn about all sorts of fun chocolate facts. For example, you can find out how Cadbury’s manufacture their chocolate and how they create their unique Cadbury taste!

Have a chocolate baking contest with your family!

Baking your favourite chocolate cake is a great way to celebrate World Chocolate Day – especially with your family! Why not challenge them to a baking contest?! Not only will you have plenty of fun doing it, but you’ll have lots of treats to snack on afterwards!

Check out our baking mix range here.

Have a chocolate picnic!

Nothing beats a chocolate picnic full of your favourite treats! Gather some of your friends or family and head to the garden for a fun-filled afternoon. Relax in the sun whilst you indulge and celebrate World Chocolate Day. Don’t forget your chocolate milkshake too!

If you’re still feeling peckish and want something for later, why not opt for hot cocoa to relax and unwind?

These are all amazing ways to enjoy World Chocolate Day. So, get planning and have some fun with it! And remember, you can never have too much chocolate! 

Keep reading for some delicious chocolatey inspiration!

Tasty Chocolate to Treat Yourself and Your Loved Ones to!

A selection of chocolates to celebrate chocolate day

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