American Food Mart and The Food Bank MK Partnership

We are happy to announce that we’ve officially partnered up with The Food Bank MK, supporting the cause and helping our local community fight food poverty. Food crisis usually impacts people in precarious situations. People who have just come out of the hospital, or prison, those placed in temporary accommodation and families struggling to keep a roof over their heads. As humans, we can sometimes take basic needs such as food for granted, so supporting an organisation like The Food Bank MK will impact lives and change society.

We actively want to make a change and help end food poverty in our local area by distributing food to those that are less fortunate. Our partnership with MK Food Bank means donating food on a bi-weekly basis to support families during hard times. We aim to send the goods on the second and last Friday of every month with the help of all contributions.

More About the Food Bank MK

MK Food Bank has supported the local community with emergency food parcels since 2004. The charity distributed more than 18,500 parcels to Milton Keynes residents in 2021 solely on donations from the local community, schools, churches, and corporate sponsors. For those who experience long-term financial hardship, their top-up shops provide an alternative route to food parcels and aim to encourage and support independence step-by-step.

American Food Mart and The Food Bank MK Partnership
American Food Mart and The Food Bank MK Partnership

What Food Does the Food Bank Need?

The Food Bank MK is working hard to distribute a balanced amount of food to those who need it. They currently have an excess number of items such as dried pasta, tinned soups, and baked beans. However, they have an urgent need for the following products:

  • Tinned Meat
  • Tinned Fish
  • Long Life Milk
  • Juice or Squash
  • Spreads – Jams, Peanut Butter, or Chocolate Spread
  • Tinned Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Biscuits
  • Tinned Fruit
  • Dried Rice – 500g or 1kg packets, please
  • Rice Pudding/Custard
  • Tinned Veg

How is inflation affecting families?

In August-September 2022, 93% of British adults reported an increase in living costs, and low-income households spend more on energy and food than average, so they are more impacted by price increases.

How can I help?

The Food Bank relies entirely on donations of food and money from local schools, churches, businesses, organisations and individuals and every single item or penny given makes a HUGE difference. There are several ways that you can support MK Food Bank either by food donations, cash donations or fundraising. Getting involved and donating food to your local food bank (you can visit our food donation point at our HQ in Bletchley) are some ways you can help. Spreading the word on social media and encouraging others to take part and organizing a fundraising event can be really helpful too. For more information visit this link.

American Food Mart and The Food Bank MK Partnership
American Food Mart and The Food Bank MK Partnership

We are happy to partner with The Food Bank MK in the fight against food poverty in the UK. With the festive season coming up, and with temperatures rapidly dropping, there is no better time to help support families in need. If you are interested in helping out, any support will be appreciated. Visit The Food Bank MK for more information and follow them on social media @foodbankmk. You can also follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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