The History of The Fluffernutter

October 8th marked the celebration of a fun and quirky sandwich, which combines peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. This weird sandwich, also known as a “Fluffernutter”, has been a part of the childhood of many Americans for generations. Originally from Massachusetts, this has been a staple snack in the North-Western Area of the US, and a big part of the culture. Today we will learn how it was created and how it became so popular.

The first mention of the Fluffernutter sandwich dates back to 1914 when Emma E. Curtis and her brother Amory decided to make an afternoon snack by spreading their Snowflake Marshmallow Creme between two crackers. Emma created the “Liberty Sandwich” in 1918 by sandwiching peanut butter and marshmallow crème between slices of oat bread. The idea of having a patriotically themed marshmallow-based sandwich for lunch or supper was timely given that the US was asking citizens to restrict meat and other products at least once a week.

The surge in demand for sweets goods skyrocketed during the early 20th century along with the industrial revolution, which opened up new production options. When H. When Archibald Query sold his own manufacturer of marshmallow creme to H, in 1920, Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower created the delicious, spreadable cream in large quantities. They ultimately changed the name of the business and its best-selling item to Marshmallow Fluff.

During the ’30s, they started advertising the product with the Flufferettes and Lowell Cabot, a fictional Boston Brahmin scholar presenting fractured stories from the American past. Post-World War II suburban boom demanded quicker and easier (long-lasting) lunch options. This made them expand their scope and make a catchy jingle (hear it here), leading to an increase in audience for the Fluffernutter sandwich.

New Englanders are still incredibly proud of the sandwich’s origins when it comes to eating it today. The fluffernutter has also become synonymous with desserts featuring peanut butter and marshmallow as their main ingredients. Cakes, cookies, milkshakes, and pies have been adapted to mimic the flavour combination. The combination of salty peanut butter and sweet marshmallow crème has spread throughout the country, including into the South.

We hope that you enjoyed learning about the Fluffernutter snack that many American children and adults are still enjoying and loving. You can get Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Fluff right here. Check out our Instagram and Youtube Chanel for more fun content.

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