Chocolate Cake with Marshmallow Fluff Frosting

It is the holidays, and our sweet tooth is increasingly getting bigger. And nothing appeals to the sweet tooth more than desserts. That’s why we are bringing you this American Christmas desert. It is a soft and moist chocolate cake, with sweet marshmallow fluff frosting. It will literally melt in your mouth and bring you back for seconds.


For this recipe, you will need


  1. The oven should be heated to 180°C for a shiny or glass pan, or 160°F for a dark or non-stick pan. Spray or brush the pan with cooking spray with the oil. Grease bottom only of 13”x9” pan or bottom and sides of all other pans.
  2. Beat all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl for one minute with a wooden spoon or use a hand-held mixer. To ensure a smooth batter, don’t beat it too long – just until it appears to be smooth.
  3. The box should have a chart to direct you with the timings. For this specific cake the timings are the following:
Pan Size 13”x9” Two 8” Rounds Two 9” Rounds Bundt® Cupcakes 
(makes 24)
Bake Time 
(in minutes)
30-35 30-35 25-30 44-49 14-19
  • Pour or spoon the mixture into the tin, smooth the top, and bake for the aforementioned amount of time on the middle shelf of the oven. A cake is ready when it looks well risen, and the top should spring back when lightly touched. You can also test the cake’s baking by inserting a skewer into its centre and seeing if it comes out clean. 
  • Before removing from the pan, let it cool for 10 minutes, then run a knife around the edge and turn it onto a wire rack to cool. Allow the cake to cool completely before frosting it.
  • Take your jar of Fluff and drop the desired amount on the cake. Take a knife and spread the marshmallow fluff over the cake until covered.

It’s time to try your own!

We hope you try this amazing American classic dessert. We are sure that you and your family member are going to love it. This chocolate cake with marshmallow fluff frosting is to die for.

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