Why Does the World Love Cheetos

Frito-Lay is one of the world’s biggest, if not the biggest, snack conglomerates. The PepsiCo subsidiary has brought to us absolute classics such as the original Fritos and Lay’s, as well as Doritos, Ruffles, Funnyuns, and of course, Cheetos. The world has fallen in love with the latter, which has become one of the most recognisable brands in the processed food industry. But why has this brand, with a cheetah as a mascot, become such a phenomenon in today’s society?

The perfect snack

Steven Witherly describes Cheetos as “one of the most marvellously constructed foods on the planet, in terms of pure pleasure.” Cheetos come in puffy and crunchy forms, primarily. With its cheese yet mesmerizing flavour, eating Cheetos is always an experience. As it melts in your mouth your fingers get stickier, leading to literal finger-lickin’ goodness!

And although the sticky, sour orange dust that comes from eating Cheetos is typically viewed as a negative, it’s also one of the things that makes them so popular, according to NeuroFocus. The company studied the brains of a select group of customers and found that the slimy coating causes an abnormally strong response in the brain: a feeling of gleeful subversion that people delight over the messiness of the product.



There are many different types of Cheetos for different people, with different tastes. From limited edition Salsa con Queso to the classic flamin’ hot flavours, Cheetos brings something for everyone. And they are not afraid to experiment. Who knows, we might one day see a Cheetos x Oreo collaboration!

A Cult Following

The Cheetos Store, The Cheetos Museum, and The Spotted Cheetah are three very real places that encapsulate the reach of the Cheetos’ love. Their branding and products have hoarded up a large number of loyal followers, thanks to, in large part, Chester the Cheetah.

This bold approach has been personified largely by Chester Cheetah, who has been demonstrating enthusiasm for Cheetos through humorous and irreverent expressions for over 30 years. It’s his job to keep it fun for the kids and young-at-heart for the adults. As time has gone on, Chester has become increasingly villainous. A deliberate branding change, since most Cheetos customers and Cheetos fans aren’t kids. In order to connect with adults, Cheetos needed to speak their language.

Fan Tailored Marketing

The thing about Cheetos is that they are able to capitalize on everything. The snack is so popular that you will see them in places you’d never expect. This consequently leads to them being exposed to more audiences, creating more Cheetos fans. From collaborations with Forever21 to New York Fashion Week, they have been dipping their toes in the fashion industry. And the girlies are loving it. If you need any more confirmation of the world’s love for Cheetos, let these famous celebrities tell you about them!

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