Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings with These 5 European Christmas Desserts

America has hacked the snack & confectionary world in ways we can barely begin to imagine. From Cheetos, and Doritos, to Jolly Ranchers and Sour Patch Kids, it is clear that the US has cracked the formula. The same could be said for European desserts. From light and crumbly pastries to indulgent cakes, there are a lot of heartwarming delicacies to choose from. With Christmas fast approaching, we wanted to make a list of some of the best European desserts for the period.


This flaky, sweet bread is a quintessential treat at Romanian Christmas or Easter celebrations. Because this festive loaf contains yeast, it nicely puffs up during baking to provide you with a chewy, soft, doughy pleasure. Orange and lemon zest are used to flavour the slightly sweetened dough, giving it a vibrant citrus tang.

Turrón de Jijona (Spain)

This soft nougat treat is the backbone of Spanish Christmas celebrations. The turrón is sweet, rich, creamy and full of delicious almond and honey flavours. Although a national favourite in stores, it can be simple to prepare. It makes a delicious holiday food gift or can be served to visitors as a dessert after dinner.

Bûche De Noël (France)

Buche de Noel means “Yule Log” in English. This sponge cake is filled and baked in a cylindrical shape to resemble a log. This dessert is traditionally filled with chocolate buttercream, which is a traditional favourite.

Christmas Pudding (Great Britain/UK)

It would be impossible for a British Christmas to be complete without a Christmas pudding. A Christmas pudding is a dense, dark, and sticky sponge, it contains candied fruit peels, dried fruit, apple, and citrus zests, similar to a fruitcake.

Torrone di Cremona (Italy)

Second nougat in this list, this time from Italy. Italian torrone is usually hard and contains whole almonds (and even hazelnuts too). However, this treat has a twist, as it also includes vanilla, lemon zest, and candied peel.

There are many different interesting ideas for your Christmas dinner dessert/ From panettone, to Vanillekipferl, to even the famous Trifle. Make sure you spice up your Christmas dinner with some of these ideas. You can still make some of these recipes with our American groceries. If you love pumpkin-based food, check out our 100% natural Pumpkin puree from Bakeroo. Check us out on Instagram and YouTube and share your fantastic recipes with us.

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