8 Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Cooking Easier

Sometimes one wonders if there is a faster, more efficient way of doing it. Sometimes mistakes happen. And even if you have your kitchen game down, there’s always room for improvement, right? After all, a food hack can only make your life easier in the kitchen. So, keep reading to learn some of these nifty kitchen tricks! Become a clever cook & get things done with these kitchen hacks

Simple Cooking Tips and Tricks

Don’t let your bowls slip

You may use your offhand to hold the bowl whenever you are mixing or whisking. However, this is not always possible! For example, tempering egg yolks requires you to whisk the yolks while adding hot milk. The high temperatures will instantly curdle the egg. So using a damp towel under your bowl can help you stabilize it and continue making recipes such as the perfect Christmas eggnog!

“It has an EXCESSIVE amount of Sodium Chloride”

“Oops! I put way too much salt in this soup!” Should never be uttered from anyone’s mouth ever again! Take a few slices of a raw potato or apple (pomme) and let them soak in for 15 minutes. Take them out and enjoy your reasonably salted soup.

I only need enough Whip for my cocoa

You don’t need to make enough whipped cream to frost a milk cake, whenever you want to top your piece of pie or your milkshake! Pour a bit of cream and sugar into a cup and blitz the cream into your desired texture with your immersion blender.

Kitchen Tips and Ideas

Try Mess-Free Melting

Stop making a mess of your mee-cro-wah-vay! Cover the top with plastic film whenever you melt butter in a cup and avoid the inevitable disaster!

Is my Honey Expired?

As you may know, there’s only one thing that last’s forever, and that’s dia… HONEY! But sometimes, honey crystallizes, because at the end of the day, just like sugar, it is a combination of glucose and fructose. But worry not, as you can de-crystalize it by placing the jar in a bowl or pot of warm water! Just another trick to bring your honey back to life.

Food Storage Hacks

‘ready stirred’ Peanut Butter

Nobody likes those pesky separated oils on their peanut butter, but they’re a pain to stir in! By storing the peanut butter tub or jar upside down, you push the oils up and therefore down. This makes for easier stirring and no liquid oils on top!

Keep Your Bananas Green

Use the plastic film to wrap the end of a banana bunch. Another way is to separate each banana. The reasoning is that these methods block ethylene gases from releasing out of the stem. Because of this, your banana ripens slowly.

Make Your Bananas Brown (Faster)

On the other hand, if your bananas are bright yellow but you need to make banana bread tomorrow for your in-laws, there is a way to rapidly ripen them. Take your bunch and place it in a paper bag (like the American lunch bags) and let it sit. The reverse effect from the last tip is in action, as concentrated ethylene gas ripens it faster.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article! What kitchen hack are you planning to try next? Do you have any personal hacks? Check these American Groceries. Make sure you check our blog for more recipes and, why not, follow us on Instagram?

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