What is the Difference Between Cookies and Biscuits?

For some reason, we can never agree to disagree when it comes to the age-old question; “is it a cookie or a biscuit?” Yep, it’s an argument many of us have had in our lifetimes, and one we can’t seem to settle! But, despite the debates, there really is an identifiable difference between cookies and biscuits! Do you know what it is? If not, don’t worry, we’re about to tell you.

Let’s solve this once and for all!

What are cookies?

Did you know, cookies are Dutch in origin? They began as small, round, flat, dough cakes used by Dutch bakers to test the temperature of an oven. However, these simple bakes didn’t really resemble the cookies we know today! In fact, typical chocolate cookies were actually invented by American chef, Ruth Wakefield, in 1937. It took two years for these delicious snacks to become popular, but since then these crumbly, tasty, buttery cookies are reached worldwide fame!

Nowadays, the meaning of the cookie is slightly different depending where you are. In the UK, “cookies” still refer to the characteristically chunky chocolate chip snacks created by Wakefield. However, in America, the term has now grown to cover all sorts of shortbreads, biscuits, and treats. We’ll go on to see why shortly!

What are biscuits?

On the other hand, biscuits have a somewhat more complex history. Early biscuits were hard, dry and sugarless, designed to be long-lasting, nutritious snacks for long journeys. It wasn’t until the 7th Century AD that biscuits began to take on the sweeter form we know of today! Luckily, Persian cooks had been taught to include cream, eggs, butter, fruit, and honey in their bread-based bakes. So, they were able to turn these dry, tasteless, foods into tastier snacks. In fact, one of the first sweet biscuits was the gingerbread, which was brought over to Europe via France.

Since then, biscuits have taken on a whole new style – especially in the UK! From Chocolate Digestives to Jammie Dodgers there is a whole array of sweet, delicious biscuits perfect for dunking into a brew! However, in America, biscuits followed a slightly different path. Instead of being thin, crunchy, sweet treats, American biscuits are more like UK scones. Hard on the outside with a soft and flaky inner centre, these savoury snacks are usually paired with chicken and gravy! So, with that in mind, it makes sense as to why American’s call all sweet biscuits ‘cookies’ instead!

Regardless of what you call them, we think we can all agree that cookies AND biscuits are totally delicious! Whether you’re dunking a typically British Rich Tea in a cuppa, or you’re snacking on a totally American chocolate chip cookie, these delicious snacks all deserve some love! So, crack out your biscuit tin (or cookie jar!) and treat yourself!

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