The Origin of Eating Sweets on Halloween

The origin of eating sweets on october 31st

Children did not always go door-to-door in search of Halloween sweets. This is because many moons ago there was a Celtic festival on October 31st called Samhain, which was done to celebrate the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. The Celts also believed that on that day, the dead would return. People would dress as ghosts and spirits and others would leave food out for said spirits.

With Catholicism taking over the Celtic region, they started celebrating called All Hallows’ feast, a celebration to remember the deceased saints, which was celebrated on Nov 1st, and the evening of Samhain came to be known as All-hallows-even, which then became Halloween. The celebrations arrived in the United States via British and Irish immigrants in the 19th Century, and Trick or Treating was born.

Why Do We Give Out Candy for Halloween?

Children would often get treats such as nuts, fruits, baked goods, and even coins. Interestingly, during the 60s, candies and sweets became the treat of choice for parents due to their convenience, which made children extremely happy!

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