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Sour Patch Kids Red, White & Blue 862g (1.9Lbs)
Sour Patch Kids Red, White & Blue 862g (1.9Lbs) £7.95
Spry Stronger Longer Licorice 55ct
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Pringles Pizza Flavour Potato Chips 71g (2.5oz)

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Try our new Pringles Pizza Flavour Potato Chips which is delightfully crisp stackable snack has captured the hearts (and taste buds!) of people worldwide. They are fun crunchy shape and huge range of delicious flavours there is sure to be a chip to please every single snack lover! Once you pop one in your mouth, you can’t stop!

  • Brand new flavour!
  • Imported from USA
  • Can have it if you need something to snack on!
  • One taste of the pizza flavour, will make you want more!



A brand of potato and wheat-based snacks chip owned by Kellogg Company is Pingles. These Stackable chips were first sold by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 1967, providing the inspiration to create a new product category. It was not until 1991 when Pringles were sold outside North America, but now these are available all around the globe. The crisps are saddle-shaped and are delicious. Pringles, whose chips come in a unique can, has had an interesting history throughout history. Pringles are packaged in a can that is designed to prevent crushing and keep the chips intact and uniform for the consumer. The taste of Pringles is so finger-licking good (I apologize KFC) that it stimulates a certain part of your brain that is responsible for pleasure and reward. Discover the different flavours we offer at American food Mart today and you'll keep coming back for more.  
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