A brand of potato and wheat-based snacks chip owned by Kellogg Company is Pingles. These Stackable chips were first sold by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 1967, providing the inspiration to create a new product category. It was not until 1991 when Pringles were sold outside North America, but now these are available all around the globe. The crisps are saddle-shaped and are delicious. Pringles, whose chips come in a unique can, has had an interesting history throughout history. Pringles are packaged in a can that is designed to prevent crushing and keep the chips intact and uniform for the consumer.

The taste of Pringles is so finger-licking good (I apologize KFC) that it stimulates a certain part of your brain that is responsible for pleasure and reward.

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Pringles Jalapeno Flavour Potato Chips 158g


Father’s Day Gift: The Indulgent King


Pringles Pizza Flavour Potato Chips 158g (5.5oz)


Pringles Ranch Flavour Potato Chips 158g


Pringles Pizza Flavour Potato Chips 71g (2.5oz)

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