Twizzlers Watermelon Pull & Peel 396g (14oz)
Twizzlers Watermelon Pull & Peel 396g (14oz) £3.95
Twizzlers Cherry Pull & Peel 396g (14oz)
Twizzlers Cherry Pull & Peel 396g (14oz) £3.95

El Yucateco Hot Sauce Deal

10 in stock



10 in stock

  • El Yucateco Red Habenaro Sauce 120ml (4 fl.oz)
  • El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Habenaro Sauce 120ml (4 fl.oz)



El Yucateco

Originally created in Mexico, El Yucateco is a firm favourite across America and Canada too!

The company began in 1968, when Mr. Priamo J. Gamboa began a small family business. The business was devoted to producing homemade habanero pepper sauces. Fiery and delicious!

Their products became very popular. Now, the family business has turned into a world-renowned company! Not to mention, they are a pioneer in producing and exporting habanero pepper sauces.

Unlike other hot sauces like Tabasco, they use habanero as the base, rather than vinegar. Not only that but their green pepper sauces are much hotter than their red sauces.

Have a browse below and find your favourite out of our collection of El Yucateco sauces!

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