Warheads Theater Box Lil Worms 99g (3.5oz)
Warheads Theater Box Lil Worms 99g (3.5oz) £1.75
Big League Chew-Shredded Original Bubble Gum 60g (2.12 oz)-min
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Sour Patch Kids Grape Peg Bag 143g (5.06oz)

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Brands:Sour Patch

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A fruity, mischievous blast of taste hits your taste buds with SOUR PATCH KIDS Grape Soft and Chewy Candy. A twist on a classic. The grape flavour fills each candy for a SOUR, SWEET, GONE blast of taste. 

A classic grape SOUR PATCH KIDS candy that’s the perfect sweet and sour treat for the end of the day. It’s a fun soft candy to serve at parties, holiday celebrations and game nights. This grape sour candy is perfect for movie theatre screenings. We seal each bag of SOUR PATCH KIDS to prevent moisture from escaping.



Sour Patch

Originally known as Mars Men, the Sour Patch Kids were created by Frank Galatolie in the early 1970s for Jaret International. During the late 1970s, Cadbury and Smeera Blyton Licorice Company of Sweden formed the Allen Candy Company in Hamilton, Ontario, to produce them. During the 1985 redesign, they became Sour Patch Kids, which is now owned by Santi. This name change may have been motivated by Cabbage Patch Kids’ popularity.

They are sweet and sour, just as advertised. There are most candies that only challenge one aspect of the tongue; however, Sour Patch Kids challenge two of those aspects, primarily sweet and sour. In science terms, this makes Sour Patch Kids more advanced than any other candy.

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