Duncan Hines Epic Birthday Cake Cookie Kit 585g (20.64 oz)


Duncan Hines Epic Birthday Cake Cookie Kit 585g (20.64 oz)

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Duncan Hines

The Duncan Hines cake mix products get their name from their creator, the American Pioneer. Born in Kentucky, Hines had a very successful life before creating the cake products we know and love today! His career began as a travelling salesman, where he found plenty of amazing restaurants on his journeys. It wasn't long before he self-published his first book; 'Adventures in Good Eating', full of his most recommended restaurants. Then, after that one was so successful, he also wrote a guide to the best motels and hotels across America! In fact, he became so popular that being 'Recommended by Duncan Hines' was nationally recognised as a fantastic seal of approval! It wasn't until the 1950's that the Duncan Hines Cake Mixes were brought to life. Since then, and even after his death just before his 79th Birthday, they have been a firm favourite across America!