Bulletproof French Kick Whole Coffee 340g


Bulletproof French Kick Whole Coffee 340g

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Try our French kick dark roasted energized coffee from Bullet Proof. This is good if you want it on a dark- roast level and wanting it to be vegetarian!

Dark roasted whole beans which will give you a boost of energy no matter what time it is in the day!

  • Imported from the USA
  • Vegetarian
  • Supports energy, mental focus, and performance
  • Medium- dark ground flavoured.


100% Medium blended coffee

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Bulletproof is a nutritional brand of health foods, drinks, and coffee. The brand was created in 2004 by the 'Father of Bio-Hacking', Dave Asprey. He wanted to share a new way of healthy living, creating not only products but even a 'Bulletproof Diet' too! Because of Asprey's love of health, the brand uses a science-based approach to nutrition and wellness. Consequently, they take pride in the research behind their products. They use both modern scientific research and traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to make their products. As a result, they only use the highest quality ingredients! Alongside their famous coffee, you can find other nutritional products in their collection. For example, they also sell many supplements targeted at better sleep, memory, and performance. They also sell MCT oils and protein bars. Their coffee is their most favoured product though. Why not order some and find out why?!