Trolli Duo Crawlers Peg Bag 120g (4.25oz)


Trolli Duo Crawlers Peg Bag 120g (4.25oz)

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With Trolli Gummi Creations, you can combine various tastes and shapes combinations to make your special, custom-flavoured extraterrestrial creation. Trolli Gummi Creations forms, heads, rings, and bases come in six distinctive flavours: strawberry, lemonade, watermelon, mango, blue raspberry, and pineapple. There are more than 200 different gummi combinations. Mix and combine as many aliens as possible, but most importantly, EAT them!




The gummy worm was developed by Trolli and not only does it feature a unique shape (which kids love to play with and adults might find a little off-putting), but it also features a wide variety of flavours in one product. In the United States, Ferrara candy company sells Trolli confectionery products under the Trolli brand. Generally speaking, a fun candy. The colours are vibrant, the design is nice, and the bag is fresh and inexpensive. So, get yours today and try them for yourself.