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Laffy Taffy Stretchy & Tangy Sparkle Cherry 42g (1.5 oz)
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Laffy Taffy Stretchy & Tangy Grape 42g (1.5oz)

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46 in stock


Sweet and stretchy, tangy and chewy, in lip-smacking fruity flavour combinations.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, and less than 2% of Malic Acid, Egg Albumen, Sodium Alginate, Calcium Acetate, Monoglycerides, Natural Flavor, Blue 1 Brilliant Blue, Red 3 Erythrosine, Yellow 6 Sunset yellow.

Nutritional Facts
Serving Size | 1 bar
Calories | 180
Fat | 1.5g
Sugars | 23g
Proteins | 0g
Sodium | 40mg
Total Carbohydrate | 35g


Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy is probably the most famous brand of taffy sweets in the world! It is produced by the Ferrara Candy Company, and has been going since the 70’s. It is known world-wide as having a ‘long-lasting’ flavour!

Did you know it’s actually a Willy Wonka speciality?! That means it’s full of magic as well as flavour! Not to mention each wrapper has a funny joke on it, perfect for adults and children alike!

They have tons of delicious fruity flavours for you to try too! For example, blueberry, grape, watermelon, and blue raspberry are some of the more popular taffy tastes. Or, if you want something a little more special, look out for caramel, guava, and strawberries and cream!

No matter what you prefer, we know that Laffy Taffy will have a flavour and a joke perfect for you! So take a look below and find your favourite!

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