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Haribo Sour Smurfs 113g
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Haribo Alphabet Letters 142g (5oz)

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Try our new Haribo Alphabet Letters Gummi Candy which are the juiciest alphabetical gummi candy you will taste!

Every single candy in their impressive range is lovingly crafted for maximum flavour and fun!

  • Fat free
  • Imported from USA
  • Brand – Haribos
  • Artificially flavoured.


Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Beeswax Coating, Artificial Colors: Yellow 5 (Tartrazine), Red 40  (Allura red AC), Blue 1 (Brilliant Blue FCF)



Haribo is a brand of tasty gummy and liquorice sweets that is loved worldwide!

But did you know the company originally began in Germany? It was founded in 1920 by the German inventor, Johannes Riegel. The popularity of the company grew massively. Although they only sold gummy bears to begin with, they soon created lots of different sweet treats that were loved by all! In fact, their liquorice products have been a firm favourite as far back as 1925!

The company kept expanding. Then, in 1982, they finally made the decision to jump across the pond. The tasty gold bear mascot was a huge hit!

Since then, the company has gone on to become a famous name in every American household. Most people know the happy jingle from their adverts, and almost everyone has a favourite pack!

So, if you can’t help but hum ‘Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo!’ to yourself, why not treat yourself to a bag today?

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