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Ferrara Pan Boston Baked Beans 122g (4.3oz)

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Ferrara is a leading American sweet and candy manufacturer. They are absolutely HUGE in the States, and for good reason! Their product line includes amazing American sweet brands. For instance, they produce Lemonheads, Brach's, Atomic Fireballs, and Red Hots to name a few! The company began back in 1900, with an Italian baker; Salvatore Ferrara. He began his sweet journey with candy covered almonds called 'confetti'. However, when his sweets began to sell better than his pastries, he decided to expand. He joined a partnership and began making panned candies. Nowadays, the company is a well-known name in most American households. Not to mention across the world! Why not see for yourself how popular they are and have a browse through just some of their products below? You won't be disappointed!
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