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Butterfinger Chocolate Bar 53.8g (1.8oz)

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Save some for later or have it all!!  Either way you will enjoy an amazing crunch in every bite! A Tasty, Chocolatey and Peanut – Buttery Bar. Eat! Split it into a half and share it with your best buddy! Come grab some today!

  • Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut – Buttery!
  • The Good Stuff
  • Gluten Free
  • With Globally Sourced Ingredients
  • Nestle Chocolate Bar


Corn Syrup, Sugar, Ground Roasted Peanuts, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa, Molasses, And Less Than 1% Of Whey, Confectionerõs Corn Flakes, Non – fat Milk, Salt, Lactic Acid Esters, Soy Lecithin, Soybean Oil, Corn-starch, Artificial Flavours, TBHQ And Citric Acid (To Preserve Freshness), E102, E129 – Tartrazine & Allura Red.

Nutritional Information:

Per 54gm Per 100gm % of RI per 100gm
Energy (KJ) 1046 1937.04 23%
Energy (Kcal) 250 462.96 23%
Fat (g) 10 18.52 26%
of which saturates (g) 5 9.26 46%
Carbohydrates (g) 39 72.22 28%
of which sugars (g) 24 44.44 49%
Protein (g) 3 5.56 11%
Salt (g) 0.25 0.46 8%



In 1922, Otto Schnering founded the 'Curtiss Candy Company' near in Illinois. Only one year later, he invented Butterfinger, a deliciously chocolatey, peanut buttery bar, that soon became a favourite across America! Not only is the bar delicious, the marketing team behind the brand are also arguably one of the best! Did you know that one of their earlier marketing campaigns involved dropping thousands of the bars from aeroplanes across cities in the US?! Not only that, but Butterfinger have worked closely with the Simpsons team. Many characters such as Bart Simpson have featured in advertisements for the chocolate bar over the years! The tasty bar consists of a crispy peanut butter inside coated in a deliciously chocolatey coating. Perfect for the peanut butter lovers out there!
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