Morton Salt is an American food firm that makes salt for food, water treatment, industrial, agricultural, and road/highway applications. The company, which is based in Chicago, is the largest producer and marketer of salt in North America.

The origins of Morton Salt can be traced back to the Gold Rush when there was an apparent never-ending demand for salt from adventurers heading west. It's no surprise that salt has been referred to as "white gold" throughout history.

Many Americans enjoy their iodized salt, as well as their flaky kosher salt. Give it a taste and see why they’re America’s most wanted.

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Morton Coarse Kosher Salt 1.36kg (48oz)


Morton Coarse Kosher Salt 453g (16oz)


Morton Sea Salt Coarse 500g (17.6oz)


Morton Sea Salt Fine 500g (17.6oz)


Morton Season All 226g (8oz)


Morton Sea Salt Fine 125g (4.4oz)


Morton Iodized Salt 737g (26oz)


Morton Iodized Sea Salt 737g (26oz)

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