Chips Ahoy

Chips Ahoy! is the third best-selling cookie brand in the whole of the United States! It’s been around since 1963, and is marketed by the company Nabisco, who also sell Oreo. That kind of makes them siblings, right?!

Did you know that the name actually references the nautical term ‘Ships Ahoy!’? Not only that, but the name is quoted in the Charles Dickens book; ‘The Uncommercial Traveller’. Pretty cool!

Chips Ahoy! don’t just do regular cookies by the way. If you fancy something a little more special, then these biscuits are perfect for you! From big cookies to small cookies, and everything in between, they do it all. That means they’ll definitely have a cookie that you will love! fancy something a bit extra? Why not try their Fudge-Filled cookies? Or if you like a bit of colour in your snacks, give their Candy Blasts cookies a go!

So, have a browse below, and find your favourite today!

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