Country Time

Nothing tastes like America quite like traditional iced lemonade! Think refreshing flavours and lemonade stands in the sun! And one brand that has really captured this flavour is Country Time. Their lemonade flavour drink mix was first introduced by General Foods in 1975. It wasn’t until 1989 that they merged with Kraft, who took ownership of the brand. In fact, they still own it to this day!

Since its birth, Country Time has become incredibly popular all over America. They’ve even created different flavours that have taken the nation by storm! For example, their Pink Lemonade flavour has been loved since it was first sold in 1977. Not to mention their more fruity flavours! Both their Strawberry and Raspberry lemonade mixes are perfect for summer!

What is more, they introduced Lemonade Iced Teas in 1998. These tasty drinks come in three flavours; Classic, Peach, and Raspberry.

So, if you want a true taste of the States, why not pick up a tub today?!

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