Argo began as a corn starch company in Nebraska all the way back in the 1890’s. They became a household name, with both chefs and other folk using their products. It wasn’t until 2008 when they started selling their baking powder.

Argo corn starch dissolves easily and has twice the thickening power of flour. Because of this, it is used and loved all over America to thicken and smooth sauces and gravies. Not to mention it’s also flavourless, so it never alters the taste of the recipe!

Not only can it be used in recipes and cooking, but it also makes a great clay! In fact, Argo even featured a recipe on their label in the 1940’s for a corn-starch based Creative Clay. This showed parents how to create a homemade, mouldable material that children could use to create ornaments and gifts! In fact, it was such a success that in 1993 they began to produce new leaflets full of ideas for both adults and children to make!

Full of uses, and loved by households and chefs alike, Argo is the best brand for all your corn starch needs!

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