A1 Steak Sauce, now known as A1 Sauce, is a delicious companion for all sorts of food, not just steak! Did you know it was originally created in the UK over 180 years ago? It wasn't until the 1900's that it was marketed in the US with the branding we all know and love today.

It's not just good for steak however! Many people eat the sauce with plenty of other meats and foods. As a result of this, Kraft decided to change the name of the famous condiment to 'A1 Sauce' in 2014.

Tangy, low in calories, and truly delicious, this sauce compliments a variety of foods. Try it with lobster, pork, corn, or even salmon for a tasty something extra!

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A1 Original Steak Sauce 283g (10oz)


A1 Marinade New York Steakhouse 473ml


A1 Original Steak Sauce 141g (5oz)

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