Cheerios Chocolate Cereal 318g (11.25oz)
Cheerios Chocolate Cereal 318g (11.25oz) £5.50
Nestle Coffee Mate Original Powdered Creamer 453g (16oz)
Nestle Coffee Mate Original Powdered Creamer 453g £1.99

Wonka Bottle Caps Roll 50.2g (1.77oz)

44 in stock




44 in stock


If you want some short to nibble on then why not try our Wonka Bottle caps roll.  It is a perfect size to fit in your pocket and take it anywhere!

  • Perfect size to fit in your pocked
  • Imported from USA
  • Many different flavours included
  • New to try!



Wonka, or Willy Wonka Candy Company, is a confectionery company owned by Nestlé that was once owned by Sunmark before 1988. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired the company, and it was launched in 1971 during the release of the first film adaptation. Additionally, these are also the origin of both the Wonka packaging and marketing style. WONKA® is the manufacturer of NERDS®, NERDS® Rope, SWEETARTS®, SHOCKERS, SPREE®, LAFFY TAFFY®, RUNTS®, EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER®, LIK-M-AID® FUN DIP, PIXY STIX®, BOTTLE CAPS®, KAZOOZLESTM and GUMMIES. You can buy a wide assortment of Wonka products at American Food Mart if you want a taste of the classic movies and movie-inspired candies.
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