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Taste of Nature Cookie Dough Birthday Cake Bites Theater Box 88g (3.1oz)

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14 in stock


Taste of Nature Cookie Dough Birthday Cake Bites Theatre includes actual birthday cake morsels coated with a white frosting and topped of with colourful sprinkles.

It is absolutely delicious!!

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Cookie Dough Bites

Let’s be honest, who isn’t guilty of sneaking a spoonful (or three!) of cookie dough mixture when we’re baking?! We’ve all done it! And that is why Taste of Nature Inc. created Cookie Dough Bites!

Back in the mid-1990’s they decided to make the greatest cookie dough recipe known to America. They worked hard for years to make sure that the chocolate coating and cookie dough filling was perfect. It was only then, in 1997, that they went on sale!

They’re delicious, egg-free, and totally safe to eat, so you don’t have to feel guilty about sneaking it from the bowl anymore!

The original bites were made with chocolate chip cookie dough. However, after lots of great feedback, they expanded the range. Not long after their launch, they began to sell Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter bites too! Now, they do even more flavours for you to enjoy! Why not try their Cookies ‘N Cream, Cinnamon Bun, Red Velvet or Birthday Cake bites too?!

Taste of nature

Many well-known brands are manufactured by Taste of Nature, Inc, including Cookie Dough Bites, Mrs Fields Cookies, Doughlish Edible Cookie Dough, Muddy Bears, Sqwigglies, Shari Candies, Cookies N Cream Bites, and more.

Taste of nature
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