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Brand:Pixy Stix

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An old-time candy classic, PIXY STIX elates the tastes with trademark sweet and tangy flavour in a pourable straw container. PIXY STIX delivers a delicious fruity sensation with a dash of tart that sets this classic apart. Packaged in a vintage mix of Grape, Cherry, Orange and Maui Punch, PIXY STIX are straws filled with powdered bliss? Simply rip and pour for smiles galore.

  • Deliciously sweet sugar candy in a straw
  • No artificial flavours
  • Fun treat, Wide variety of vibrant colours
  • A candy classic
  • Powdered fruit flavours in a pourable straw


Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix evolved from a drink mix circa the 1930s named Fruzola! It was a small package of sugary flavoured powder that was designed to be mixed with water. Children being the inventive little ones they are, found it way more fun to eat the sweet powder straight, no water necessary. J. Fish Smith, a resourceful fellow himself, was seeing this new way kids were enjoying the “drink mix”. That’s why he modified the concoction into the form of “Lik-M-Aid.” In 1959, the product was reinvented again, renamed, and packaged in colour-striped straws. These tiny tubes of sweet and sour delight are still a must-have favourite among candy lovers!

PiXy Stix
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