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PEZ Emojis Dispenser & Candy 3 Tablet Packs 24.7g
PEZ Emojis Dispenser & Candy 3 Tablet Packs 24.7g £1.99
PEZ Trolls Dispenser & Candy 3 Tablet Packs 24.7g
PEZ Trolls Dispenser & Candy 3 Tablet Packs 24.7g £1.99

PEZ Paw Patrol Dispenser & Candy 3 Tablet Packs 24.7g

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Out of stock


A dispenser will be selected at Random, please let us know if you would like a particular one and we will do our best to send that one out.

Join the Paw Patrol Team to safeguard the residents of the Adventure Bay Community and fulfil their mission. Brave puppies are ready to go, go, go! PEZ Paw Patrol Dispenser & Candy

  • PEZ Paw Patrol Animated Character Dispenser Candy
  • Rubble Nickelodeon, Marshall Nickelodeon, Skye Nickelodeon and Chase Nickelodeon
  • Patrol Team of the Nickelodeons!
  • Includes Three Packs of PEZ Candy
  • Peppermint and Fruit Flavoured Candies
  • Peanut, Tree Nut and Gluten Free
  • Imported from the United States of America
  • Packaged in PEZ branded Packs
  • Great as party Bag Fillers


Sugar, Corn Syrup, Adipic Acid, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel & Palm Oils and Soybean Oil Mono & Diglycerides, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours (including FD&C Red 3 – Erythrosine, Yellow 5 – Tartrazine, Yellow 6, – Sunset Yellow Blue 2 – Indigo carmine  (Depending on which flavour).

Nutritional Information:

Per 9gm Per 100gm % of RI per 100gm
Energy (KJ) 146.44 1627.11 19%
Energy (Kcal) 35 388.89 19%
Fat (g) 0 0.00 0%
of which saturates (g) 0 0.00 0%
Carbohydrates (g) 9 100.00 38%
of which sugars (g) 9 100.00 111%
Protein (g) 0 0.00 0%
Salt (g) 0 0.00 0%



Austrian candy-maker PEZ manufactures confectionery and candy dispensers under its brand name. Each Pez dispenser holds 12 small, straight-edged, curved-corner blocks of candy. The candy is pressed, dry, straight-edged, and has a sharp edge. "PEZ" stands for PfeffErminZ (the German word for peppermint). PEZ drops were originally round peppermint lozenges. Eventually, a new manufacturing process evolved, resulting in the hard-pressed brick shape we know today. Today, they come in a variety of flavours. These candies do not contain gluten or lactose. In addition, there are no animal products used in them. Get a taste of this American favourite, long loved by Europeans and Americans alike.
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