Peace Tea Strawberry Lemon Love 695ml (23 fl.oz)


Peace Tea Strawberry Lemon Love 695ml (23 fl.oz)

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Introducing the delicious Peace Tea Strawberry Lemon Love. This refreshing beverage combines the flavours of sweet strawberries and tangy lemons, providing a delightful experience that’s perfect for quenching your thirst and boosting your mood. Made with real brewed tea, this delicious beverage offers an authentic taste that will keep you hooked.

With its vibrant colour and enticing aroma, Peace Tea Strawberry Lemon Love is the perfect companion for any occasion. Whether you’re out and about, relaxing at home, or sharing with friends, this beverage is the ultimate choice for a refreshing and uplifting experience.

However, Peace Tea Strawberry Lemon Love isn’t just about taste – it’s also about peace of mind. Each can contain wholesome ingredients that are good for you. Additionally, it is free from artificial flavours and colours that are often added to other products. By choosing this product, you’re making a responsible choice for your lifestyle that promotes better health. Plus, with its low-calorie count, you can indulge in this delicious beverage without guilt.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the delicious and satisfying taste of Peace Tea Strawberry Lemon Love today and experience the peace and harmony that comes with every sip. Overall, this refreshing beverage is a great choice for anyone looking for a healthy, natural, and tasty drink option.


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