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  • New York Style Garlic Bagel Crisps 204g (7.2oz)
  • New York Style Sesame Bagel Crisps 204g (7.2oz) – BB 18 JULY 2022


New York Style

They added their world-famous CRUNCH to the plain old bagel, giving it the enticing taste and aroma of true New York bakeries! Who would have guessed that a simple notion developed 30 years ago in a modest cheese shop would become a household name that people use in dips, salads, soups, and everything else? New York Style® gourmet snacks have become 'The Thing to Bring', with four distinct flavours ranging from sweet to salty to spicy to savoury. You have the option of dressing them up, dressing them down, or having them undressed. New York Style is more than just snack food. Whether you bring them to a party or eat them at home, you will discover that it is a whole experience.
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