Colombina Starlight Mints Peg Bag 227g (8oz) £1.15
Efrutti Gummi Hot Dog 9g (0.32oz) £0.15

Colombina Soft Mint Puffs Peg Bag 170g (6oz)

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12 in stock




Infinite flavours in these candy balls. Perfect for sharing with friends and family. These mint-flavoured hard candies will blow your mind.  We also offer cherry and blue raspberry Colombina candies.

Colombina was born in the Cauca Valley, a hot and humid region. The air is thick with the scents of sugar cane and pineapple, both of which are prevalent in the area. Hernando Caicedo, the company’s founder, had the idea for Colombina while tending to his tiny sugar cane mill in the 1920s.

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