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Chipotle Sauce & Green Chilli Deal

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18 in stock


The perfect grocery combo deal brought to you by American Food Mart.

  •  La Costena Chipotle Sauce 220g (7.76oz)
  • Ortega Diced Green Chillis 198g (7oz)

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La Costena

La Costena is a Mexican brand that makes canned products. It was founded back in 1923, by Vicente López Recines. It is one of the best Mexican brands both in and outside the country! In fact, it sells its products not only in Mexico but also in 40 other countries around the world!

The company began only supplying chillies. However, it wasn’t long before they also started selling other products. For example, they now also produce and sell beans, tomato purée, vegetables, and much more!

If that isn’t enough for you, don’t click away too soon! They are also constantly contributing to charity too! For example, they give their canned products to country’s struck by natural disasters. For instance, they donated to Chile after the earthquakes that hit in 2010. Amazing!

So, if you want to not only get great products, but support a brand that is always up for helping the community, look no further! La Costena is perfect for you!


After moving to New Mexico in 1890, Emilio Ortega became fascinated with chiles.  In the past, home-cooked meals were a time for Mama and her family to eat good food and share stories about their days. In his native California, he founded the first commercial food business when he figured out how to roast, peel, seed, wash and preserve chiles. It was right inside his Mama’s kitchen that Ortega Chile Packaging Company was born! Similarly to his Mama, Emilio took great pride in the food he prepared and focused on providing the best quality peppers to make the best salsas and chiles.

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