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C&C Root Beer Soda 2 lts (67.6 fl.oz)

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C&C Root Beer is a great choice for friends or family or wanting a root beer taste but wanting that fizz with it.

This is great for after meals with family or friends, or even if you are watching a game and wanting a root beer to keep you going, this is perfect for you!

  • US Products
  • Great Taste
  • Original Flavour
  • Great to share with family and friends.



C&C was found in 1865 in Belfast, Ireland and moved to American in 1955 where the company became known for its cone top cans that ere lighter and more convenient than glass bottles. Even though C&C has been held by different entities it has kept up with its quality and value. C&C become popular in a TV advertisement in the 1970s where they launch their first TV campaign. C&C were able to raise brand awareness and advertise their products.
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