C Howard’s Old Fashioned Guava Mints – Nostalgia Candy


Chowards Guava Mints – C Howard’s Old Fashion Mints – Nostalgia Candy

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C Howard‘s Old Fashioned Guava Mints are nostalgic candy that has been around for many years. These mints are made with real guava fruit juice and provide a sweet and tangy flavour that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Many people enjoy these mints for their unique flavour and for the memories they evoke. C Howard’s Old Fashioned Guava Mints have been a popular candy for generations and are often associated with childhood memories.

If you’re looking to try these nostalgic candies, you can find them at many speciality candy stores or online retailers. They make a great gift for anyone who enjoys classic sweets or loves guava flavour.


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