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Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix 184g

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Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker was founded in 1921 in America and is now a household name all over the States. So much so that the brand is commonly described as an American cultural icon. However, the brand and name are well-known all over the world too! Not only do they make plenty of cooking and baking products, but they also have multiple cookbooks available too! Unknown to most, the first food product they sold was actually dried soup mix. It was introduced in 1942, whereas their cake mixes weren't introduced until 1947! The types of products you can find with the red spoon logo vary massively. You can find both sweet and salty cooking products, from brownies to potatoes and everything in between. Today at nearly 100 years old, Betty Crocker is still going strong. Their products are loved by millions, and it truly is no wonder! Why not find out for yourself!
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