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Aunt Jemima Original Pancake Mix 2.26kg (5lbs)

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Since 1889, Americans have enjoyed the warmth, nourishment, and trust of Aunt Jemima’s pancake & waffle products and this one is no different! Whip up delicious pancakes quickly and easily with this convenient mix. Enjoy a quick and easy breakfast for all the family – great pancakes in half the time! Why not try them with Aunt Jemima Original Syrup or for a more buttery taste, there’s always Aunt Jemima Butter Rich Syrup.


Disclaimer: The manufacturer has provided the ingredients and nutritional information, which is considered to be accurate as of publishing. For more information, consult the product labelling or contact the manufacturer directly.


1 Servings per 100g % of RI
Per 100g per 100g
167 kcal 8%
0.00 g 0%
0.00 g 0%
43 g 17%
42 g 47%
0.00 g 0%
0.32 g 5%
Ingredients: Enriched bleached flour (bleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), sugar, leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), salt, calcium carbonate.
Directions: Once opened, keep in an airtight container and use within 2 months.


Aunt Jemima

Aunt Jemima is one of the most well-known brands of pancake mixes, syrups, and other breakfast foods.  It is a true favourite across the entirety of America and beyond! Their first pancake mix was created in the late 1800's. The brand got passed between hands until eventually it was bought by the Quaker Oats Company in 1926. Since then, the company has grown and evolved, becoming a household name in the US. Now, they sell many different breakfast products, from pancake mixes, to syrups, and even corn meal and grits! You can find all sorts of flavours of pancake mix by Aunt Jemima. Options such as buttermilk, whole wheat, and even chocolate chip are all available! Not to mention, they can even be used for waffles!
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